Essential Readings In Health Psychology

Author: Ogden, Jane

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

Total Pages: 516

Reading in Essential Readings in Health Psychology Corresponding chapters in Health Psychology Mokdad, A.H., Marks, J.S., Stroup, D.F. and Chapter 1: An introduction to health psychology Gerberding, J.L. (2004) Actual causes of death in ...

Health Psychology

Author: Ogden

Publisher: Open University Press

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This is an accessible and comprehensive guide to all the major topics of health psychology, including a new chapter on women's health.

Health Psychology

Author: Jane Ogden

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

Total Pages: 589

Also available: Essential Readings in Health Psychology Essential Readings in Health Psychology edited by Jane Ogden ISBN: 9780335211388 (Softback) 9780335211395 (Hardback) Available from Jane Ogden has also ...

Social Psychology And Health

Author: Stroebe, Wolfgang

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

Total Pages: 376

Jane Ogden 978033521 1388 (Paperback) 2007 eBook also available Jane Ogden Essential Readings in Health Psychology is a collection of key papers brought together for the first time in a single volume which complements Jane Ogden's ...

Health Psychology, 6e

Author: Jane Ogden

Publisher: McGraw Hill

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Ogden, J. (2007) Essential Readings in Health Psychology. Maidenhead: Open University Press. This is my reader which consists of 29 papers I have selected as good illustrations of theory, research, methodology or debate.

Health Psychology

Author: Regan A. R. Gurung

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Total Pages: 552 APPLICATION SHOWCASE: The Lifestyle Heart Trial 387 SUMMARY 388 TEST YOURSELF 389 KEY TERMS, CONCEPTS, AND PEOPLE 390 ESSENTIAL READINGS 390 Chapter 15. Controversies and the Future of Health Psychology 392 ...

'The Fallacy of Mother''s Wisdom'

Author: Michael S Myslobodsky

Publisher: World Scientific

Total Pages: 468

Thus far, most credible factors have been proposed by G.W. Brown,” whose studies are essential reading for health psychologists interested in suicidology. They emphasize that feelings of humiliation and/or being trapped following ...

The Psychology Of Gender And Sexuality

Author: Wendy Stainton Rogers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

Total Pages: 305

Journal of Health Psychology Health Psychology : A Textbook will provide you with an accessible and comprehensive ... aims and key points • Figures and diagrams put essential information at your fingertips • Further reading points to ...

Handbook of Health Psychology

Author: Tracey A. Revenson

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 540

Health. Psychology. This rich resource provides a thorough overview of current knowledge and new directions in the study ... HIV), making it essential reading for scholars of health psychology, public health, epidemiology, and nursing.

Health Psychology of Women

Author: Niven

Publisher: Psychology Press

Total Pages: 200

It is essential reading for students and researchers of psychology and health, and health professionals in training and practice. About the editors Catherine A. Niven trained as a nurse before obtaining her first and higher degrees at ...