The Genesis of Living Forms

Author: Raymond Ruyer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Total Pages: 212

The series includes important French, German and Italian texts that form the lesser-known background to prominent ... by Michel Serres Translated by David Webb and Bill Ross The Genesis of Living Forms, by Raymond Ruyer Translated by ...

Information Arts

Author: Stephen Wilson

Publisher: MIT Press

Total Pages: 970

The word “ form ” is to be understood in its spatial sense , but time and dynamics may enter into consideration . ... The theme encompasses technological applications of concepts related to the genesis of living forms — which one ...

The Genesis of the Symbolic

Author: Arno Schubbach

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Total Pages: 412

The presupposition of conceptual classification was constantly the given diversity of living forms, and this diversity simultaneously formed the standard for practical determination and for every feasible nomenclature.124 Kant attempted ...

Living Forms

Author: Bruce Haley

Publisher: SUNY Press

Total Pages: 307

Borrowing its method from political or social history , this type finesses questions of intrinsic value in favor of those of causation , specifically of genesis and influence . The question " Which works are the most valuable ?

Introduction to Philosophy

Author: George Trumbull Ladd


Total Pages: 426

Or if not , in what relation do the law of evolution and the living forms evolved stand to the supreme Reality we try to ... after the physical relations under which the genesis and evolution of particular living forms take place .

Goethe's Science of Living Form

Author: Nigel Hoffmann


Total Pages: 173

It is life's point of origin , the genesis of life . The flame is nothing other than an action of ... as the “ genius ” of Fire's power of genesis . It was previously stated that in living form the creative subsumes the mechanistic .

Discipline Filosofiche (2008-2)

Author: Matteucci Giovanni

Publisher: Quodlibet

Total Pages: 192

Salvatore Tedesco Time and living form: Viktor von Weizsäcker Between the 1920s and the 1940s, ... as a «science of the living form», to an original understanding of the genesis of the form, the specific temporality of the living and ...

Baroque Naturalism in Benjamin and Deleuze

Author: Tim Flanagan

Publisher: Springer Nature

Total Pages: 288

The Genesis of Living Forms, trans. Jon Roffe and Nicholas B. De Weydenthal. London: Rowman & Littlefield Saffrey, Henri D. 1996. Florence, 1492: The Reappearance of Plotinus. Renaissance Quarterly 49 (3): 488–508. Sallis, John.