Social Marketing and Social Change

Author: R. Craig Lefebvre

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Total Pages: 592

New media casesinCases inPublic Health Communication& Marketing: The promise and potential. Cases in Public Health Communication ... Marketing socialchange: Changing behavior to promote health, social development, and the environment.

Social Marketing in the 21st Century

Author: Alan R. Andreasen

Publisher: SAGE

Total Pages: 264

EXT Most observers and many practitioners see social marketing as a downstream approach to influencing people with ... the traditional social marketing model to new markets in order to influence more rapid and sustainable social change ...

Social Marketing and Behaviour Change

Author: Linda Brennan

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Total Pages: 448

Andreasen, A.R. (1994), 'Social marketing: its definition and domain', Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 13(1), 108–14. Andreasen, A.R. (1995), Marketing Social Change: Changing Behavior to Promote Health, Social Development, ...

Marketing Public Health

Author: Elissa A. Resnick

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Total Pages: 382

Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change, Third Edition is designed to help students and practitioners of public health understand basic marketing principles and strategically apply these principles in planning, ...

Popular Culture and Social Change

Author: Kate Fitch

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 146

An alternative forecasting resource is public relations media, such as Public Relations Today, which offers a series of insights into various developments such as content marketing, email marketing, social media trends and diverse case ...

Entertainment-Education and Social Change

Author: Arvind Singhal

Publisher: Routledge

Total Pages: 320

Borrowingfromthe conceptsofcommercial marketing, social marketing directsits efforts towardsthe hardesttoreach and least affluent groups, thus helping to narrowthe knowledge gap abouta particulartopic,so thatthose with initially higher ...

Strategic Social Marketing

Author: Jeff French

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

Total Pages: 568

Adopting an international approach and offering a broader context, this second edition of Strategic Social Marketing presents social marketing principles in a strategic, critical and reflexive way, illustrating the value of applying ...

Education and Social Change

Author: Geoffrey Elliott

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Total Pages: 336

Although we say it is a marketing discipline, it is also many other things. This is precisely what makes it a potent method for healthy social change, but before going any further I will try and define what it is.